Thursday, 8 January 2015

Face and Eye detection, Cornea(eye center) tracking using OpenCV

I was just thinking to work on eye gaze detection to estimate where a person is looking. So, as a first step, I need to detect the eyes and then the cornea/pupil. Since I have planned to execute the project in Android, I have done the coding in OpenCV, so that I can use the same function in Android.


First, I have detected the face using haar cascade and extracted the ROI. Then segmented the left and right eye by rough calculations and within the segmented region of interest, I have used image gradients to locate and track the cornea/pupil.

The demonstration of the above algorithm can be seen in the video. The work is still under progress and will share more about the techniques used later.


  1. hello , can you share the code please :)

  2. hello , can you share the code please :)

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