Thursday, 25 December 2014

Modelling the response of a differential drive robot in Simulink and controlling using finite state machines (Stateflow)

Recently, I have been thinking to work on a model based approach to control the behavior of a robot in a simulated environment which can also be immediately deployed to a hardware prototype of the model.

After going through a couple of software, I have found that MATLAB Simulink and Stateflow would be the best option for me to implement my idea. I have modelled my robot in Autodesk Inventor and brought my model into MATLAB using Inventor – Simmechanics interface.

Once I have my robot model in MATLAB, I have designed the kinematic equations for my model  in simulink so as to control its behavior in the simulated environment. The robot behavior is controlled by the logic created in Stateflow. The robot has Forward, Reverse,Left and Right states. Based on the velocity inputs given to the wheels of the robot,  the state of the robot changes.

Inspired by MATLAB webinar -

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