Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Free Radicals

Human body consists of n number of feedback loops right from a single cell to the  major parts of the body. Alteration to any of these cells, vessels or parts, leads the regular bio feedback loop to collapse and in some cases, may even results in death. These process often acts like a butterfly effect.

One of the major issue to consider is our immune system and free radicals. Our body`s defense system releases free radicals(a by-product of metabolic process of oxidation)to fight against viruses and bacteria. But the excess free radicals produced due to pollution, smoking, stress, along with the indigenous unterminated  free radical chain tends to steal(in order to get paired) electrons available in the body in every part of the tissue. And this chain goes on until all the free radicals are perfectly bonded.

This is the root cause for majority of heart disease, artery blockage and cancer since these free radicals are more fond of electrons in the region of heart and brain. Unfortunately there are no effective drugs have been developed so far to address this issue. And since free radicals are essential, it cannot be terminated too. But the excess free radicals bonded with the oxygen to form oxygen free radicals can be reversed or neutralized with proper intake of glutathione peroxidase and anti oxidants.

One of the impact of these excess free radicals is that, its tendency to steal electrons from the DNA. If this process is succeeded, the DNA is subjected to mutation and incase of pregnant women, it could even damage the fetus. Thus the effective control of the free radicals must be considered as a preventive step for proper health condition. To do so, keep away from stress and pollution. Also consume anti oxidant rich foods. Vitamin C, E and glutathione peroxidase can reverse the oxygen free radicals into pure oxygen and also prevent excess free radicals and heart blockage. Hope this information helps!!

(I have written this article for my college magazine during my third year of Engineering. These are my perception of free radicals and body chemistry. and I am not an expert in medicine or biochemistry)

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